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My Story

As you can see, I have been around dogs since a very young age. My love of our four legged friends was nurtured in me by my Grandfather. Pops always had gun dogs, and even bred a couple of litters of Springer Spaniels. As a family, we've had Springers, Cockers and Labs growing up.

As an adult, I have shared my life with a rescue Springer who is now over the rainbow bridge, but I am currently dog mum to 2 year old Cockerpoo called Indie! Indie comes out on all of the walks and loves making new pupper friends.


My passion for animals and interest in serving others inspired my decision to become a professional dog walker and pet sitter. I founded Hartford Hounds in 2018, after retiring from teaching. I have a diploma in Canine Services, I'm fully trained as a dog groomer and I am currently training for my behaviorist accreditation.  


I can honestly say that dogs are my biggest love and passion. Nine times out of ten I will be looking at the dogs in crowds and not the humans!

I promise to love and care for your floofster as if they were my own!

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